• After the rain comes the sun

    Photo: Walter Steinberg

  • where there is shade, there is also light

    Photo: Peter Eichenberger

  • Orion II Extreme - a dot of colour in an enchanted landscape

    Photo: Astrid Därr, Yukon

  • oh yeah, we love snow ...

    ... and the mountains ..

    Photo: Anita Holdener / Mountaineer: Swiss Mountain guide Claude Raillard / Backpack: Serac 35


  • it's gonna be a cozy night

    Exped gear pictured: DOWNMAT UL M, Sleepingbag LITE -11° 

    Photo: Niklas Siemens 


  • We don't know where he ends up. But the important thing is that he knows.

    Exped backpack: Whiteout 30

    Photo: Martin Scheel, www.azoom.ch








  • Do you hear the silence?

    Photo: Martin Scheel, http://www.azoom.ch

  • On SUP tour in Finland

    Nothing for wimps, but maybe with the right equipment?

    Photo: Thomas Oschwald⠀

  • Trekking in Chile ...

    ... living in the MIRA II tent.

  • Sightseeing in Sardinia⠀

    Exped gear pictured: hiking pack Skyline 25

  • When the sun fights against the clouds ...

    ... it becomes really exciting

    Photo: Lukas Heck

  • A good poncho is a wonderful thing ...

    ... It doesn't take up much space if you don't need it and but offers full protection if you do. Exped gear pictures: PACK PONCHO UL

    Photo: Renate Kogler & Franz Marx 

  • Nobody says the sun must always shine

    Exped tent camp in Nepal

    Photo: Norbert Blank, http://kajak-academy.de

Das maximale Naturerlebnis
Mit minimalen Mitteln