-    Never seal the entry completely. Keep an opening to ensure a constant supply of breathing air.

-    We do not recommend putting a sleeping mat inside the bivybag as it can lead to condensation build up and restricts freedom of movement.

-    The flexible aluminium wire creates space between the hood and face. This special alloy is virtually indestructible and can be removed to save weight or for other use.

-    The hood is large enough to accomodate a small pack or boots, these may even dry during the night thanks to your body heat.

-    The hood opening is protected by No-See-Um mosquito netting and offers full protection. The net can be rolled up when not in use and secured by the snaps. The netting also helps to preserve heat when cold.

-    A zipper and snap closure, vent hoop and wide flap ensure watertight performance of the entry.

-    Reflective, glow-in-the-dark and colour coded zipper pulls ease operation of the zippers.

-    Large, 3-D foot section creates room for gear, that when wet, can be partially dried through body heat during the night.

-    The guy loops on hood and foot end can be used as attachment points for guylines. Secure these to trekking poles, branches or rocks to hook up and create more interior volume.

-    Seamless floor design for greater durability. But keep off sharp rock, thorns and other sharp objects to prevent damage to the fabric.

-    Packing: Lay the bivy bag flat on ground, flip hood back to allow air to escape when rolling. Fold lengthwise in thirds. Now roll up tightly starting at foot end. Finally stuff in the supplied packsack.


-    Hand wash in luke warm water and brush lightly. Never dryclean, machine wash or tumble dry.

-    Do not leave in the sun for long periods of time as lightweight fabrics deteriorate if exposed to UV radiation. Keep away from heat sources and fire.

-    Keep away from heat sources and fire.


-    Dry thoroughly prior to storage to prevent damage to the coating and mildew buildup.

-    Store preferably unpacked in a dry, cool and dark place.

Tips and Tricks:

-    The more the bivybag is closed, the better its drying ability of wet socks, clothing and shoes.  A bivybag like this is probably the only piece of outdoor gear that is able to dry out a wet sleeping bag or wet clothing during the night by using your body heat. This can mean survival in an extreme situation.