Extremely light, incredibly small packed size, comfortable rest on its 7 cm thickness and gives you that cuddly warm feeling down to – 6°C. 

    Photo: Norbert Blank


  • Shadow please!

    Donates shade for 4-6 people: Outfitter Tarp IV

  • Roof over one's head ...

    ,,, and you feel at home.

    Exped gear pictured: Venus II UL, Scout Tarp Extreme

  • Tarp City

    Rain is followed by bright sunshine and our tarps protect you from both

  • Feeling the bright side of life …

    Exped gear pictured: VENUS II UL, TARP III 

    Photo: Thomas Oschwald


    Pictured EXPED backpack: TYPHOON 25 - 100 % waterproof, durable and lightweight single compartment pack. 


    Photo: Marc Michel

  • Whatever you want to take with you on your next hike, ...

    ... it will hopefully fit into one of our 15 - 100 liter backpacks.⁣⠀

    Exped backpacks pictured: Expedition 100⁣⠀

    Photo: Annette Ster⁣, Himalaya Trekking

  • We believe our Orion II UL tent wins the beauty contest⁣⠀

    Photo: ⁣Renate Kogler & Franz Marx⁣⠀

  • We think this is art - the art being outdoors

    Bike tour on lake Baikal & Photo @marcmichel.ch⁣ with Exped's Orion II Extreme

  • Sometimes it's easy to grow beyond yourself :-)

    Photo: Thomas Oschwald⁣

  • We are looking forward to the hiking season

    Photo: Lukas Heck

  • Flower power!

    Well, it's a little early for the alpine roses to bloom. But we are looking forward to it anyway ..

    Modelling: Sigi Fischer & Expedition 100 backpack / Photo: Walter Steinberg

  • Have you ever brushed your teeth in a place like this?

    Exped gear pictured: Vela I Extreme tent | Explore 70 backpack | DownMat TT

    Photo @marcmichel.ch


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