• Magic world of mountains!

    It's a privilege if you have the opportunity to hike through such a scenery.⠀

    Photo: Reto Schild, Swiss Mountain Guide

  • Magic moment!

    Photo: Reto Schild, Swiss Mountain Guide, hasliberge.ch

  • Bikepacking tour with SCOUT HAMMOCK COMBI UL

    Enjoy the satisfaction of swinging outdoors, day dreaming or sleeping. Scout Hammock Combi includes a large sized hammock with mat sleeve, mosquito net and a tarp.

    Photo: Giovanni Pirajano

  • Blend your Skyline into the skyline!

    The Skyline series of hiking packs.
  • Beautiful Iceland

    Exped gear pictured: Hiking pack "Skyline 25"

    Photo: Natalie&Baldi 

  • Two weeks through the land of the 1000 lakes

    They opted for our waterproof drybags and various Tempest Duffles.

    Photo: Thomas Oschwald, Finland

  • Taking a break

    Taking a break on a  mountain biking outing with a great view of the Three Sisters Wilderness in Oregon, USA. 

    Photo: Nick Swan

  • Hiking in Tenerife

    Photo: Exped

  • Sleeping bag or coat? The best of both worlds!

    Moreover: on a windy day the Exped DreamWalker Camp sleeping bag makes an excellent hammock peapod 

    Photo: Exped

  • What an outdoor summer - enjoy it!

    Photo: Alea Moebius, the pack: the new Skyline 25


    Swiss adventurer Thomas Ulrich on his new project: on foot or with a paraglider across Switzerland: 330 km, 45'000 vertical meters, within a 1 km corridor. ⠀

    Autor: Bruno Petroni, photo: visualimpact.ch | Thomas Ulrich | www.thomasulrich.com


  • Joint-friendly: climb up and fly down

    On the pilot's back: Cloudburst 25 - a combination of a waterproof fold drybag and lightweight pack. 

    Photo: Martin Scheel, azoom.ch, Bockmattli, Switzerland



  • Backcountry pack goes backcountry

    Photo: Exped, Piz d'Immez, Switzerland

  • Isle hopping?

    Trekking in Peru - with Mountain Pro 30 pack: weatherproof alpine all-rounder for daytrips. 

    Photo: Franz Marx & Renate Kogler

  • Let the sunshine in ...

    Cetus II UL in Newfoundland

    Photo: Peter Eichenberger

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