• Small human, huge mountain

    Stephan Siegrist and the Polaris tent in front of their big adventure, the north-west face of Cerro Kishtwar.

    Photo: Thomas Huber

  • Cerro Kishtwar, new route in Himalaya

    On October 14th Stephan Siegrist (SUI), Julian Zanker (SUI), and Thomas Huber (GER) stood atop the granite giant in Kashmir. Exped supported the successful team with four tents, two Orion II Extreme and two Polaris single wall tents

  • It's almost too picturesque to be real

    Mountain Pro pack on a hike in Norway

    Photo: Peter Eichenberger

  • It seems there's nothing but two Exped tents

    Photo: Alea Moebius, Ladakh

  • Via Ferrata, Switzerland

    We are only tiny spots in a beautiful world ...⠀

  • A trip to Sardinia

    With the GALAXY ROLLER DUFFLE. Huge waterproof travel companion on wheels and the SKYLINE series hiking packs feature an innovative and versatile back venting system.⠀

  • Exped Mountain Pro 40 in a thorough test

    Astrid Därr lately climbed 16 of the 4000 m peaks in the Bernese Alps, the Valais and the Aosta valley - "this durable pack has the perfect size and feature set for ambitious alpine use"

    Photo: Astrid Därr

  • Exped team on tour!

    Via ferrata: Part of the worldwide Expedteam enjoys outdoorlife in the berneroberland


  • Magic world of mountains!

    It's a privilege if you have the opportunity to hike through such a scenery.⠀

    Photo: Reto Schild, Swiss Mountain Guide

  • Magic moment!

    Photo: Reto Schild, Swiss Mountain Guide, hasliberge.ch

  • Bikepacking tour with SCOUT HAMMOCK COMBI UL

    Enjoy the satisfaction of swinging outdoors, day dreaming or sleeping. Scout Hammock Combi includes a large sized hammock with mat sleeve, mosquito net and a tarp.

    Photo: Giovanni Pirajano

  • Blend your Skyline into the skyline!

    The Skyline series of hiking packs.
  • Beautiful Iceland

    Exped gear pictured: Hiking pack "Skyline 25"

    Photo: Natalie&Baldi 

  • Two weeks through the land of the 1000 lakes

    They opted for our waterproof drybags and various Tempest Duffles.

    Photo: Thomas Oschwald, Finland

  • Taking a break

    Taking a break on a  mountain biking outing with a great view of the Three Sisters Wilderness in Oregon, USA. 

    Photo: Nick Swan

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