Inflation of both sides of mat:

-    Open all valves of the mat and attach the octopus schnozzel adapter which is fitted with as many valve parts as necessary.

-    To speed the inflation process and avoid moisture accumulation inside your mat, your mat comes with the versatile Schnozzel Pumpbag.

-    Open the valve on the pump tube at the base of the Schnozzel Pumpbag and attach it to the inflation valve which sits in the middle of the octopus schnozzel adapter.

-    Now hold the Pumpbag open with one hand in the center of each stiffener of the bags roll-top closure. In order to capture as much air as possible in the Pumpbag make an upwards movement and snap the stiffeners shut. Roll over the stiffeners 2-3 times to prevent air from leaking out of the bag.

-    Secure the web loop opposite the pumptube under your foot.

-    To transfer air to your mat, press down on the pump bag while maintaining a tight seal on the roll-top closure. As the pump bag deflates, roll or gather the sealed top toward the mat until you reach the end and all air has been transferred to your mat. Repeat the process until your mat is fully inflated ( approx. 1 time per mat half  depending on mat size).

-    Inflate to personal comfort level. The more you inflate the mat the firmer and warmer it will be. When done, detach the Schnozzel Pumpbag from your mat and close the inflation valve on your mat. Sleep well!

Additional Notes:

-    We strongly advise against inflation by mouth as this can lead to the accumulation of moisture inside your mat and a reduction of insulating efficiency.

-    Valve caps on the mat are most easily closed by pressing down with one thumb at cap hinge while walking your other thumb around the edge of the cap.

-    You can inflate each chamber individually to your preference. We recommend to firmly inflate the two outermost chambers as these then act as a guard against rolling off the mat.

-    To adjust one or more of TT mats to the width of a tent, you can leave one or more outer chambers uninflated.

-    To release pressure in the mat while laying on it, open the inflation valve and press on the one-way flap with your finger allowing air to escape, then re-seal the valve.

Schnozzel Pumpbag in use as a waterproof compression packsack:

-    The Schnozzel Pumpbag doubles as a waterproof packsack for your sleeping bag or spare clothing. Stuff these items into Schnozzel Pumpbag, fold and roll the closure 3 times, and close the quick-release buckle. Now press excess air out of the bag through the open pump tube. Close the valve on the pump tube for a watertight seal. Before closing the valve feed the tube through the webbing loop creating a handle which helps when pulling out the contents of your stuffsack.

-    Other ways of using the Schnozzel Pumpbag:

-- as a shower bag when hanging off a branch or similar object, see the optional ‘Shower Schnozzel for Schnozzel Pumpbag’

-- for carrying water or washing the dishes (not intended for drinking water as materials have not been tested for drinking standards)

-- as laundry wash bag: place your dirty laundry in the bag, fill with water, add detergent, seal the roll-top closure and then move the “hand washing machine” around.

Use and Care:

-    Use the mat stuff sack as a pillow by filling it with clothes. Cover with a fleece sweater for added comfort. If you place pillow off the mat, it makes the mat longer providing enough length for taller sleepers.

-    Since the abrasive force of dirt is a fabric’s primary enemy, use mild soap and water to occasionally wash the mat. Do not machine wash or tumble dry.

-    Beware of exposure to heat: Do not expose an inflated mat to direct sunlight or heat sources. This may cause the air to expand and put excessive pressure on the seams which could then fail.

-    Keep mat away from sharp objects like thorns, corals, jagged stones or similar.

-    Do not use mechanical air pumps. These can lead to excessive pressure and ruptured seams.

-    Check valves periodically to ensure a positive seal. Debris can be removed with a damp cloth.

Deflation and Packing:

-    Open all valves and slide attached deflation pins into valves to keep one-way-flaps open.

-    Begin at the foot end. Fold mat lengthwise once, then roll the mat up loosely and kneel on the bundle to remove most of the air.

-    Unfold mat completely one more time and fold lengthwise to match the mat’s stuff sack.

-    From the foot end, roll the mat as tightly as possible, expelling all the air.

-    Pull out deflation pins and close the valves. Slip mat into stuff sack.


-    Be sure to store the mat unrolled with both valves open in a dry and cool area e.g. under the bed !

-    When storing your mat take care to keep it away from pets. Sharp claws and teeth kill mats!


-    The included repair kit instructions explain the usage of the Exped textile glue and adhesive fabric swatches. See specific         instructions below for finding a leak in a bladder.

-    A leak in an internal tube can be repaired in the following manner: Deflate mat completely. Open hidden zipper at foot end of mat and untie the foot end of air tube from adjacent tubes. Using the included extra length of cord, tie it around the valve cap of the tube in question.  Detach the hook and loop around the valves, and carefully draw the tube out of the mat cover from its foot end. Leave line attached.  Inflate the tube. At this point  most leaks can be readily seen or heard. In the field, the tube can be spread with soapy water or submerged into Schnozzel Pumpbag filled partly with water to find the leak. Mark the location of the leak for repair.  Deflate the tube and repair leak per Repair Kit instructions. After leak has been repaired, carefully draw tube back into mat shell/cover with attached line.  Ensure tube is inserted twist free and flat. Reseat hook and loop around valve and untie the line. Attach the foot part of tube to its neighbouring tube with the short pieces of cord. Close foot end zipper by pinching zipper head between forefinger and thumb to prevent snagging. Push zipper head all the way into its ‘garage’. Now shake mat slightly by holding it at head side to make sure the tubes are fully extended.

Tips and Tricks:

-    Moving the mat from a warm to a cold place can drastically reduce the volume of air in the mat. This may look like a leak, but it is perfectly normal physics!



TTMAT_5110 (DownMat TT 9 M, DownMat TT 9 LW, SynMat TT 9 M, SynMat TT 9 LW )