• lounge in the shade of the Cetus II UL tent

    Photo: Walter Steinberg

  • So that we can all enjoy such overwhelming views ...

    ... we develop the necessary tools to get out there, like the Orion II Extreme tent.

    Photo: hochzwei.media

  • wild camping

    We believe that wild camping is ok as long as you leave the place cleaner than you found it.⁠

    ⁠Tent: Venus II Extreme

    Photo: Annette Moebius⁠, Chile


    Thomas Oschwald will über über 3000 km paddeln. Sein Thema: sauberes Trinkwasser. Hier kannst du dich informieren, seine Reise verfolgen und "Trinkwasser spenden": https://www.teachandtravel.ch/trinkwasser/

    Sauberes Trinkwasser ist ein Menschenrecht!

  • stand up for safe water

    Thomas Oschwald ist unterwegs auf einer 1322 Kilometer langen Tour gegen die Strömung des Rheins und somit auf der Reise zu sauberem Trinkwasser. Informiere dich über sein Projekt auf www.teachandtravel.ch 

    Mit dabei: einer Menge Exped Ausrüstung.



  • The freedom of the hills! ⁣⠀

    Val Ferret

    ⁣EXPED gear pictured: Skyline 25 pack⁣⠀

  • It's a little cooler up here

    Trekking in Pakistan, Photo: https://www.hochzwei.media/

    On her back? Our featherweight THUNDER backpack

  • Fantastic moments like this let our hearts beat faster

    MIRA I HL tent above the at the Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland. This giant ice formation is the largest glacier in the Alps. 

  • expedition 100 pack

    The perfect backpack for long trekking tours where the grocery store is not around the corner.

    Photo: Annette Ster

  • WHITEOUT alpine packs

    Tougher, lighter, cooler: the waterproof WHITEOUT alpine pack range (3 volumes) feature a roll-top closure and are crafted of unrivaled DYNEEMA® composite fabric, an extremely tear and abrasion resistant material with an exceedingly light weight.

  • Sunrise

    Keep the rainfly off and you won't miss it.


     Extremely light, incredibly small packed size, comfortable rest on its 7 cm thickness and gives you that cuddly warm feeling down to – 6°C. 

    Photo: Norbert Blank


  • Shadow please!

    Donates shade for 4-6 people: Outfitter Tarp IV

  • Roof over one's head ...

    ,,, and you feel at home.

    Exped gear pictured: Venus II UL, Scout Tarp Extreme

  • Tarp City

    Rain is followed by bright sunshine and our tarps protect you from both

Das maximale Naturerlebnis
Mit minimalen Mitteln