“Unbelievably comfortable, never had a better nights sleep in the outdoors.” This is just one of countless quotes we get as positive feedback for the MagaMat 10 LXW.  “The MegaMat is mega comfortable”, is the verdict of the US Overland Journal  test and awards it the EDITOR’S CHOICE:

"We can skip to the chase and confidently declare the Exped MegaMat 10 LXW as the most comfortable sleeping pad we've ever tested. It's almost unfair to call it a pad, as it sleeps like a proper bed. Each of our testers, who didn't just lay down on it, but rather melted onto it in a puddle of blissful relaxation, reacted the same to the MegaMat. Almost every first response was, "oh, yeah, this is nice." It's a marvel of sleep engineering with several creative elements working together to create the ultimate in luxurious comfort.

At the center of the MegaMat is 4 inches of open-cell foam. To reduce weight and packed size, the foam has horizontal cored channels that also add to its soft bed-like feel. The top of the pad is constructed of tricot nylon embossed with a honeycomb sructure, giving the top of the pad a smooth hand. At 77 inches long and 30 inches wide, the MegaMat is already big. But the vertical sidewalls seem to increase the usable sleeping area even more. Many pads have a single welded seam at the perimeter, which creates sloped outer edges. This is not the case with the MegaMat and that seemingly innocuous feature is instantly noticeable. 

Though the MegaMat is self-inflating, it comes with an ingenious nylon foot pump. Inflation times as tested were just under three minutes. Given the large volume of air in the MegaMat, deflation does take considerable time, even with the oversized valve. That extra deflation time each morning may be worth it if comfort is your ultimate driver. Like the Mondo King XXL, this is not a small pad. Tucked neatly into its stuff sack it weighs 5 points, ligher than expected, but at 30 inches in length and 9.5 inch diameter when packed, it's a large item to stow. If nothing else, the MegaMat is mega comfortable. Stuff sack, pump, and repair kit included."


Mega big, mega comfortable, mega warm:  The ultimate mat for basecamp, your camper van, urban nomads or as a guest bed at home – anywhere where you’re willing to trade a bit of weight for comfort.