The hand crafted sleeping bags are classified in 4 categories: Expedition, Fast & Lite, Trekking and Base Camp. In addition the Accessories that should not be missed in your gear.


  • The 4-season down filled sleeping bags that defy water (Waterbloc) and keep you warm in sub zero temperatures

Fast & Lite

  • When your focus is on weight and packed size (Ultralite)


  • The comfort bags with extra wide fit (Comfort) and our lightweight and compact classics (Lite).

  • And the versatile synthetic fill sleeping bags (Litesyn) that are perfect for humid environments.

  • For those who seek an affordable and comfortable blanket style sleeping bag (Versa).

  • Have you spent time around camp and felt the cold? The Dreamwalker Camp is your versatile bag of choice!

Base Camp

  • Sleep like in the comfort of your home in the Deepsleep System or in one of your down quilts (Deepsleep Uno and Deepsleep Duo)


  • Give your feet extra warmth in your sleeping bag with the (Down Booty), or for toasty feet around camp.

  • Check out our VBL Linerbag and VBL Socks that are a must on extended winter adventures.

Temperature rating

  • Tested Temperature ratings according to EN 13537: The Euro-Norm temperature rating for sleeping bags mainly provides comparability. A certified laboratory measures the heat loss of a dummy with 16 sensors in a climate chamber. Since men and women experience cold differently, the results for the comfort rating vary.

  • Women should choose ‘Comfort’ as reference temperature rating,

  • men can go down to the ‘Limit’.

  • The ‘Extreme’ rating defines the point at which one would barely feel warm but not shiver.

  • The ‘Max’ temperature rating defines the temperature at which one would feel so warm that the bag must be opened for venting.

  • Although these ratings give a good indication, be sure to get advice at a specialist outdoor store since there are so many factors influencing comfort. Even one and the same person under different circumstances can feel up to a 10 degrees Celsius difference in the same sleepingbag!

  • You should also put great emphasis on the correct choice of sleeping mat so it matches the bags performance.

Tested Materials

  • Tested materials: Exped uses thoroughly tested materials that have gone through both lab and field testing.

  • Independent labs use internationally recognized standard tests to evaluate down fill power and quality, water vapor transmission, water column, water repellency, abrasion and tear resistance. Down tests are done by the renowned IDLF (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA) with each production run. (Test results available on request).

  • Field tests are conducted by outdoor professionals, including Christof Hagen (wilderness and survival expert), Serge Lambert (professional mountain guide with over 30 years of experience), and Martin Epp (mountain guide and wilderness professional). Of course, numerous other outdoor experts and the Exped team also contribute.


  • Down is a natural product that has been in use for millennia and no other insulating material is more sustainable and durable than high grade down. Even after a period of use of over 20 years only 15% of the down would need to be replaced to acquire the original lofting properties. Exped uses high grade goose down. For the Comfort, Versa, Deepsleep Uno et Duo and Deepsleep 250 lines duck down.

  • In the past years the down industry has been criticized by animal right organizations (in some cases justified) for the conditions in which the birds are raised, live plucked or force fed.

  • We herewith confirm that Exped does not obtain its down from sources in which the birds have been cruelly treated. We maintain long standing and trustworthy relationships with partners that are IDFB (International Down and Feather Board) certified. They verify the complete production chain from farm to slaughterhouse and on to the down processing facilities.

  • In respect to the topic of live plucking that is often in the media it must be stated that "only" 2% of the down harvested worldwide comes from such sources. We find this figure should be mentioned to put the discussion in to perspective. Nonetheless the danger that down is live plucked is a fact. Exped and both the German and European feather and bedding industry associations regard this as a criminal action. Force feeding of geese and ducks for Fois Gras liver production takes place almost exclusively in France and Hungary for consumption in restaurants and sales through delicatessen outlets. Unfortunately this production method is still legal in these counties. Force feeding is an act of cruelty to animals that must be eliminated and that we do not support in any way. We carefully monitor our sourcing to exclude these two countries from our down purchases.

Waterbloc Sleepingbags

  • The patented Waterbloc Series: The agony of choice is over: Down or Synthetic filled sleeping bags? Overall goose down filled bags are the better choice, but synthetics perform better in wet conditions. Now this dilemma is history, because we offer a unique, waterproof and breathable goose downfill collection of sleeping bags: Waterbloc 600, 800, 1000 and 1200! We solved this problem by replacing sewn seams with double welded seams. Thousands of needleholes that allowed water to reach the down and rendered the bag useless are now gone! Warm air is stopped from being pushed out during sleep. Seams are double welded for added strength and durability. This technology is invented and patented by Exped, however also licenced to other high quality brands. The Waterblocs are both waterproof and vapor permeable. Even under the worst weather conditons, there are no problems with condensation from vapor emitted by the body.

  • Still a skeptic? Then don‘t take our word for it! Highly respected outdoor experts were eager to test a Waterbloc bag, and all were quickly sold! Here‘s a statement from the field: "Especially for my igloo courses, where melt water and condensation are totally normal, I always used synthetic filled bags. The Waterbloc 1200 made me change my habits."

Warranty and Repair Service

  • Every Exped sleeping bag carries a 5 year (except for UL bags, 2 years), limited warranty. Products with defects in materials and workmanship will be repaired or replaced. Please contact your outdoor speciality retailer.