The most important features of an Exped down sleeping bag:

Minimalist design, refined features and the craftsmanship of the seamstresses manufacture sleeping bags from the finest fabrics and down that will become a partner for life and allow you to sleep comfortably.

For over 20 years, EXPED has been developing high-quality sleeping bags, made of select materials, that have been used on countless expeditions and adventures. We place particular value in working in partnership with our testers in the field and are always open to customer feedback. As we are all active outdoor enthusiasts ourselves and always view our equipment critically, we have created sleeping bags that are unique and have made their mark in the short list of the highest quality sleeping bags in the world.


Down – Only the best down certified to the highest standards and traceable to origin

Fabrics – Fabrics have always played a key role at EXPED. Further details

Fit – Sleeping bags in 4 lenghts and a fit that offers more space and comfort

Construction – Differential cut, elaborate details and our triangular footbox

Sustainability, animal welfare and transparency Learn more about our contribution

Temperature ratings – Exped declares relatively conservative values, these are however based on the EN 23457:2016 Norm

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