Photo: Saigon Children 

Exped has stood for high-quality, high-performance and robust outdoor products since 1983. To guarantee this quality, we need not only well-trained but also motivated employees in our partner factories. We have been working with most of our suppliers and factories for over ten years. This consistency is fundamental for sustainable development. We visit all the factories regularly and maintain an intensive exchange on an equal footing. But this year everything is different.

Do you have an Exped backpack? Then there is a good chance that it was made in our partner factory in Vietnam. Unfortunately, the people there are currently experiencing the worst COVID-19 wave since the beginning of the pandemic. In normal years, we would be visiting our factory during this time, discussing samples for the coming season, checking current production, organising deliveries and discussing new ideas together. Unfortunately, this is not possible in 2021: lockdowns, curfews, factory closures, quarantine and isolation are everyday life for the people in Vietnam right now.

we want to help!

Especially as our partner factories are also affected by the comprehensive restrictions, we would like to help the population in Vietnam and make a small contribution. The Saigon Children's Charity CIO was founded in 1992 to help disadvantaged children get an education and a better start in life. The Corona pandemic also has an impact on the youngest children in Vietnam. Due to the lockdown, they cannot attend school or socialise with their friends. In addition, many of them live in households affected by the economic impact of Covid-19.

That is why Saigon Children has launched the "Donate a Covid backpack" campaign. Anyone who wants to help can donate a so-called "Covid Backpack". Each of these backpacks contains basic foodstuffs to alleviate the stress of families who can no longer afford food, but also books, stories and games to promote the development and mental well-being of the children. A $60 backpack can sustain a family of four for a month.  

Join us and Saigon Children in distributing "Covid backpacks" to families in Covid-affected areas in Vietnam. Exped is donating 100 of these backpacks. Dear Exped community: Can we create 200 or even 300 backpacks together? We and of course the many families in need in Vietnam would appreciate your donation!