We offer different patterns, lengths and Widths as all users differ from each other. This allows us to offer the Widthting sleeping bag for every body shape.


4 sleeping bag lengths

S = 170 cm

M = 180 cm

L = 195 cm

XL = 210 cm

Actual sleeping bag length

The Exped sleeping bags are always sized a little longer to provide enough space in the foot box. We highly recommend trying out the sleeping bag for width and length before purchasing in order to determine the proper sleeping bag size.


Standard fit 79cm shoulder width

Wide fit 89cm shoulder width

Slim fit 74cm shoulder width

Standard Width

The Width following the body contour provides enough space in the lower section to allow bending of the knees during sleep. The upper part also offers enough space to move.









Wide Width

This extra-wide cut is ideal for stomach sleepers and those who prefer the highest possible freedom of movement during sleep.









Slim Width

This body-hugging Width is designed to save as much weight as possible without making it too uncomfortable.