Guido from "Outdoorshop-Magazin" has taken a close look at our new Thunder backpack, tested it thoroughly and published his review. His conclusion: "Exped has built a great, extremely lightweight pack with the Thunder 50. Despite reduction to the minimum, especially on the suspension system, it manages to carry serious loads comfortably."

Guido vom Outdoor-Shop Magazin hat sie gründlich getestet. Das Fazit vorweggenommen: "Die Synmat Hyperlite von Exped ist die konsequente Weiterentwicklung der Serie in Richtung ultraleicht. Wer eine wirklich leichte aber bequeme Matte sucht, die 3-Jahreszeitentauglich ist und ein kleinstes Packmass hat, kommt an der Hyperlite kaum vorbei ... "

Here's an excellent review of the Lightning 60 from SectionHiker.com. Looks like it's still a bit cold where he's hiking...

Quite a feat, setting up a tent in strong winds and on solid ground. Christian Pries and partner master the challenge with the Venus II.

Thank you for sending in the video: www.priesi.com

Additional info:

DownMat UL 7 is the ultralight version of the DownMat 7 being 20% lighter and yet equally warm. It comes without an integrated pump, but with a smart pump bag, the Schnozzel Pumpbag. 

Rüdiger Flothmann had thoroughly tested the DownMat UL 7 M on his blog:

SynMat WinterLite

Trailspace.com recently reviewed the new SynMat WinterLite, coming in March to specialty retailers. 


"Wind-prone construction? Will the spacious Exped Orion 3 Extreme also convince in stormy regions?". Outdoor Magazin tester Boris Gnielka was wondering about this question and made the real-time test. Below his findings published in the Dec 2014 issue (in German):

"Exped's Glissade backpack is characterized by its straightforward, functional design as well as very good carrying comfort." Tanja Walser tested this winter touring pack and posted her impressions on "ich-liebe-berge.ch":

"The mini pack Core 25 by Exped does not have much to offer - this is exactly what makes it so desirable." Outdoor Magazin 11/2014

Der Lightning 45 ist ein superleichter Tourenrucksack mit blitzschnell verstellbarem Tragesystem. Dank der körpernahen Trageposition und der ausgezeichneten Lastenkontrolle ist er äusserst vielseitig einsetzbar und bietet beste Leistung bei sehr tiefem Gewicht-/Volumenverhältnis, zahlreichen Kompressions- und Befestigungsmöglichkeiten sowie Dauerhaftigkeit. Verschiedenste Praxistests bestätigen dies immer wieder, so jüngst im Blog von leichtsinnig.net.