• Lofoten, Norway

    Lofoten, Norway

    Photo: Michael Moebius

  • Packtesting in the Swiss Alps

    The antidote for sitting in too many meetings?

    Pack testing in the Swiss Alps. Team USA visits Headquater Switzerland.

    Photo: Exped

  • Zip Pack UL: weighs near to nothing, but packs it all

    Weighs near to nothing, but packs it all

    Zip Pack UL S: 22 grams, 5 liter volume: Ultralight weatherproof organizer. The feather light Zip Pack UL pouches organize all your gear and are made of a translucent fabric for excellent overview of contents.

    Available in five sizes.

    Photo: Franz Marx & Renate Kogler, Bolivia

  • You better keep your stuff dry

    You better keep your stuff dry

    Expedition Pack - weatherproof backcountry heavy load carrier.

    Photo: Franz Marx and Renate Kogler, trekking in Bolivia

  • It happened in Alaska

    It happened in Alaska

    A beautiful rainbow copies the ridge pole of the beautiful Orion tent

    Photo: Walter Steinberg, Alaska

  • Snowshoeing Hohgant, Switzerland

    Snowshoeing Hohgant, Switzerland

    the picturesque red dott on the snowshoe runner's back is our Mountain Pro Pack, what else. 

    Photo: Peter Eichenberger

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