• Snowshoeing Hohgant, Switzerland

    Snowshoeing Hohgant, Switzerland

    the picturesque red dott on the snowshoe runner's back is our Mountain Pro Pack, what else. 

    Photo: Peter Eichenberger

  • Snowshoeing in Norway

    Snowshoeing in Norway

    Expedtition Pack, the weatherproof load monster with superb carrying properties.

    Photo: Walter Steinberg

  • Snæfell, Iceland

    Snæfell, Iceland

    Photo: Walter Steinberg

  • Nothing for wimps!

    Nothing for wimps!

    Snowshoeing, camping with the three season Gemini II tent and Stand Up Paddling in the cold: we see why a warming fire is very welcome.

    Photo: Thomas Oschwald

  • Glissade Pack

    Glissade Pack

    Nick, from Exped USA, pulls up to a stop in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. Some days require that he shows up to work with his snowboard strapped to his feet.

    Photo: Exped

  • Our waterproof Torrent pack in the vertical world

    Our waterproof Torrent pack in the vertical world

    The Torrent is a minimalistic, extremely streamlined and fully waterproof pack.

    Photo: Heiko Wilhelm

  • Cold outside?

    Cold outside?

    Definitely no reason to stay inside. Nature always fascinates.

    Photo: Jean-Luc Grossmann, Greenland

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If you forget your fork at home, just grab you snowsaw.
Discovered in 1991 by a local Vietnamese man, explored by scientists in 2009, the worlds largest known cave.