What if I told you of a place that is 2 hours from the biggest city in Canada, yet boasts a stretch of land nearly 80km in all directions which sees fewer human visitors in the winter than the parks moose population? A place where you can truly immerse yourself in the elements and find piercing winter solitude so quiet that it makes your ears ring? That place is called Algonquin Park and this year, to celebrate its 125th anniversary, my friend and I took the trip of a lifetime to trek across its frozen expanse in the dead of winter. We, Ryan Atkins, Buck Miller and Eric Batty want to invite you along on our 5th (of 10) day of travel through the park.

Transfer Wheelie Bag converts any type of bag or pack into a roller duffle. 

MegaMat Outfitter is one tough customer. In fact, it's Exped's toughest mat. An excellent choice for rafting, overlanding, fishing/hunting camps and basecamps of in general. And if you let your dog on your sleeping mat, this is the one most suitable for that purpose. 


Three products appear in this year's Backpacker Magazine Gear Guide. Click here for details: MegaMat Lite, Hyperquilt and Explore 75


Travel Hammock Lite Plus is about fist size when stowed and weighs just 289 grams (10.2 ounces) - and that includes the tree-friendly suspension kit. 

New for 2018, the MegaMat Lite is perhaps EXPED’s most versatile sleeping mat. 

For five weeks Thomas Oschwald paddled through the wilderness of Finland, hiked through endless forests and slept under the open skies. And then, winter arrived and it became bitterly cold. His video, part 2 .. 

Every once in a while it's important for the Exped team to get together in the same room. Skype is cool, but nothing can substitute for face-to-face discussion. 


The team at ExpedUSA work closely with our counterparts at the main office in Zurich, Switzerland. As Americans we are often surprised and delighted to learn new things about Swiss culture. The difference between our American English and our friends’ Swiss German is always a source of both entertainment and education.