recently reviewed Exped's famous MegaMat. 

On a hot summer morning, we found ourselves in need of a little shade during breakfast. Solution: Outfitter Tarp IV. 

"After two weeks in Finland, our conclusion is quite simple: We will be back! The landscape is simply incredibly beautiful and there are still so many lakes and islands to discover. Finland became a piece of home. A place full of hidden secrets and adventures. A land to fall in love with."

Exped is the originator of the two-person sleeping mat and we have one in every category - car camping to ultralight backpacking. 


Wheeled luggage may be nothing new, there's a huge selection out there. But for 2017 we searched for new approaches and found them. An excellent example is our new TRANSFER WHEELIE BAG, that converts any backpack or duffle in to a roller-bag without adding much weight. A new approach that already convinced the jury for the coveted golden Outdoor Industry Award.

Here are two videos about the features and suspensions system of the new Skyline 15 and 25 hiking packs. 


"J’ai fait six traversées de Baffin... Cependant, les vents associés au froid, lors de cette étape, ont été particulièrement extrêmes. La température a atteint le -65c avec des vents à 100km/h qui peuvent aller jusqu’à 160km/h en cas de tempête durant la nuit.

November 28, 2016 – 12:21, Sébastien Lapierre arrives in Antarctica to begin a 42-day ski expedition, alone and in total autonomy, to the South Pole. A few weeks after his accomplishment, we met with the adventurer for a candid discussion about his journey, his motivations, his preparation, but also to know what obstacles and challenges are involved in this type of expedition.

Designed specifically with hikers in mind, the Skyline 15 and 25 (and the top loading Traverse 35 and 40) are highly versatile and comfortable day packs. 


"If there is anything like the perfect tent, then it's the Exped Orion 2 UL" says Alexandra Gutierrez from the German "Outdoor Magazin" in 3/17 issue.