Josh runs us through the differences between the famous MegaMat and the almost-as-famous MegaMat Lite. 


Sept-îles, 7 juin 2018

“Vous savez que les lacs sont gelés en haut?” nous lance l’employé du train supposé nous emmener à Schefferville,Qc point de départ de notre expédition de canot-camping.

Mega Pillow packs small and light (6.5 oz) but is the perfect compliment to our other luxury "mega" products: MegaMats and MegaSleep sleeping bags. 

The new Winterlite sleeping bag has a hydrophobic and windproof shell, which keeps the down dry and heat inside. 

The Explore is available in women's and men's models in 60 and 75 liter sizes. It hauls gear like an expedition pack with a stout suspension system and organizes amazingly well. 

Not too snug, not too big - just right for nearly any adventure. 


Celebrating spring together with our partners and kids. Cooking, eating, paddling, archery, chatting, camping together - and testing our products in beautiful scenery was as always a lot of fun. 

Accore [akor]: Se dit d’une côte abrupte et rocheuse le long de laquelle les profondeurs augmentent rapidement et que les navires peuvent serrer de près.