Shield your gear against water and dirt with our new ultral durable Fold Drybag Endura.

An excellent combination of long lasting durability, lighweight and sleek no frills functionality.

Is it cold feet season? not in our booties. 

There is nothing more annoying than a waterproof drybag that accumulates moisture on the inside instead of keeping it out. This is why no matter how simple an Exped Drybag may seem, every detail is designed with care and manufactured with quality and durability in mind.

Simon Ingram from the Trail-Magazine recommends our Fold Drybags.


Hammocks are often considered a summer-only piece of gear. Well, they certainly are great on a warm evening, slowly swinging their occupants to sleep. But hammocks aren't too bad in winter either, under certain circumstances. 

A mountain pack needs to be versatile and the Mountain Lite 20 works for many activities.