Important warnings

  • Beware of sharp objects in your pockets when getting into the hammock to avoid damage and ripping!

  • To prevent abrasion of the setup cords, never set up the hammock by using 2 ropes per side, e.g. by running the setup rope around a tree and attaching each end to a corner of the hammock, as this leads to friction between rope and tree with every movement of the hammock. This abrasion then leads to the rope breaking. Always set up a hammock with only one rope per side!

  • Do not leave the hammock in the sun for extended periods as lightweight fabrics deteriorate if exposed to UV radiation. Also keep away from heat sources.

  • Inspect your hammock and set up ropes for damage before each use as even tiny rips and abraded spots can lead to failure under pressure and injury to you by falling to the ground.