• 100% airtight: every single mat is individually tested. Each mat is tested during 72 hours for airtight integrity prior to shipment and various tests are conducted during production to warrant consistency of quality in the manufacturing process. All mats are designed to withstand 5 x the pressure that can be attained during normal inflation! But you should still treat your mat with caution by checking the ground for thorns, preventing animals from biting it, not placing hot pans on it, keeping it away from fire and other heat sources, keeping the mat dry to prevent mildew and avoiding general rough treatment. Lightweight fabrics have an effect on the overall durability of products, but caution can alleviate this.

  • Micro adjustment to ones personal sleeping preferences and comfort levels are made possible by our FlatValve technology: inflate the mat completely. Lie on the mat and then press on the one way flap of the open inflation valve to release small amounts of air till you find your comfort level. Sleepers with back problems and the elderly will experience a completely new level of comfort in the outdoors as countless emails from consumers have reported to us.

  • Optimised packaging: the mats are packed as small as possible but the packsacks are large enough to allow easy packing.

  • Our mats come with a packsack and repair kit with the necessary patches, glue and a detailed instruction sheet.