Michael Lanza put the Skyline 15 through its paces and recently reviewed it on TheBigOutside.com. 



"Daypacks come in many sizes and designs these days, some for multi-sport use, some more specialized. But real technological innovation happens rarely in that market. Now comes Exped’s new Skyline 15, which, with one simple adjustment that takes a few seconds, essentially shape-shifts between two different types of pack."

"The design allows you to either have the pack hug your spine for optimum stability, or create a gap for optimum air flow. And it works: I liked the air flow when I had the Switchback suspension bowed, and the stability on very steep, rocky trails with the suspension flush against my back. The one, non-adjustable size fits torsos 16.5 to 20.5 inches, and not surprisingly, fit my 18-inch torso well because I’m right in the middle of its range."

"The well-organized, streamlined Skyline 15’s innovative design offers great versatility for dayhikes of any distance (including ultra-hikes), mountain biking, one-day peak climbs, and bike commuting." 

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And here's a video covering the features of the Skyline packs: