The new Mira II HL (and its companion tents the Mira I HL and Mira III HL) is designed specifically to be our lightest 2-person tent. 

However, we were committed to delivering outstanding weight reduction without compromising comfort and ease of use. Examples of this include: 

  • Two doors. Each occupant has a door - no crawing over a partner to get out in the middle of the night
  • Two vestibules, each with enough space to shelter a pack, boots and other gear
  • Enough internal volume to allow two adults to sit up at the same time - perhaps reading books in Exped Chair Kits or playing cards on a storm day
  • Full coverage fly. A critical feature - the fly nearly reaches the ground all the way around. This extends the rough weather capability of the Mira series
  • Pole sleeves. Rather than clips, Mira tents use pole sleeves to increase tension and ensure excellent headroom
  • Enough internal floor space to accommodate two Exped long/wide (LW) mats
  • "Rain Shadow" doors. Another feature that must be experienced to fully appreciate. When it's raining, the vestibule door can be zipped fully open without water dripping into the inner tent. 

The combination of features built into the Mira series tents delivers outstanding overall performance. Super light tents that have not cut corners, just weight.