From logging and poaching to adventure and biocultural diversity tourism, West Sumatra

Exped is a member of the European Outdoor Conservation Association eoca, which supports valuable conservation work by raising funds from within the European Outdoor sector and promoting care and respect for wild places. 

Since Tom Corcoran and his Team are using waterproof Exped Torrent Backpacks for all of their field activities in the rain forest, we got in touch with his great engagement and encouraged him to apply for eoca funding. The project made it onto the eoca short list right away and can now be voted for during the next 2 weeks.

here you can read more and cast your vote:


Project background

Indonesia’s tropical forests are disappearing faster than any other forests on earth. The Gamaran Protected Forest in West Sumatra hosts a myriad of wildlife, wild rivers, waterfalls and expansive cave systems. It is a potential hotspot for outdoor enthusiasts and a critical link to the local community conservation vision.  The current threats to the forest include poaching and illegal logging to supply wood for building, brick firing and illegal export.  There is a strong drive amongst the local communities to develop alternative livelihoods that nurture the forest and support their local economy, cultural values, language and ancient traditions. This project will train local poachers and illegal forest workers and their families in biocultural diversity tourism, hospitality and conservation management.  New trails and adventure activities will be developed in the forest buffer zone to attract outdoor enthusiasts to the area and bring in alternative income streams. The project will also enable reforestation and promote agro-forestry.