Backpacker has reviewed the one-of-a-kind DownMat TT 9 and rated it "Best Pad" in the Fall 2018 Gear Guide. 




DownMat TT 9 won a prestigious gold award at the 2017 European outdoor trade show in Germany. This mat is designed to be both extra-durable and field repairable over the long haul. EXPED is short for expedition equipment and this is a piece of gear that goes right to the heart of the brand. Each individual chamber is a separate unit and can be repaired or replaced on the fly. Extra air chambers can be carried on extended expeditions or punctures can be repaired with EXPED's special repair glue. This dual-option for repair ensures that a single mat can be used for months on the toughest trip. DownMat TT 9 is inflated with a Schnozzel Pumpbag UL that requires no lung power whatsoever (and eliminates vapor from breath building up inside the mat).