Our history

Starting in the early 80's as a distributor of other outdoor brands, we began to build our own gear in 1997. Since then we have created many highly innovative products and won many awards for our designs.

  • Waterbloc Pro - water-repellent down sleepingbag, 30% lighter: welded instead of sewn
  • Whiteout - extremely tough, light, waterproof alpine pack in DYNEEMA®

  • Comfort WMNS - the cozy womens sleeping bag with side arm exit

  • Fully re-designed sleeping bag range
  • Mars II - freestanding tunnel tent for tall sleepers
  • SynMat Deluxe - innovative core-mantel design
  • Wheeled travel companions 
  • Switch-back suspension system on Skyline and Traverse packs
  • Cetus III UL - 3 person tunnel tent
  • Mats with GripSkin anti-slip coating
  • Black Ice, waterproof alpine pack
  • LiteSyn, synthetic fill sleeping bag range
  • Ursa, huge footprint, low weight tent
  • SynMat Hyperlite Duo
  • Deep Sleep System, the complete luxury bed
  • Hyperlite-Mats and Hyperlite-Tents
  • Thunder - lightweight trekking packs
  • Double width mats

  • Dreamwalker WB - the waterpoof wearable sleeping bag

  • Lightning - one of 3 new backpack lines - light and tough with Dyneema fabrics

  • Travel Hammocks - light and simple Hammocks

  • Versa - comfortable and affordable sleepingbags

  • Two new 3-Season tent lines: The Mira and Gemini models feature large mosquito mesh panels and new structural designs that create generous amounts of living space.

  • DownMats are now available in UL versions

  • DreamWalker DUO - the double bed for outdoor adventures

  • Ergo Hammock Combi - at long last a hammock that allows near horizontal sleeping

  • Ultralight (UL) selection of products throughout our range for the gram counters.

  • New Tarps and Mosquito nets that complement each other perfectly.

  • The MegaMat pioneers a new generation of self inflating comfort mats.

  • The „Backcountry“ backpack range developed for the most demanding users.

  • Our complete range of mats now features the FlatValve Technology for quick inflation and deflation, ease of use and superb durability
  • Sleeping Bags: Simple classification and fresh natural colours
  • New Daypacks: clean designs merged with weatherproof construction
  • Trekking poles: Secure and compact thanks to a revolutionary locking system. New high-tech materials for lightweight performance. Ecological production process
  • High frequency welded packs and duffles reduced to the max
  • Launch of our Backpack line: refined to the basics in design combined with a weatherproof construction
  • Sirius II: Prop up poles for added foot space in Tunnel tent design
  • SynMat Pump: Integrated pump for quick and comfortable inflation
  • Pegasus: The first geodesic tent that can easily and quickly be setup by one person alone
  • Fold Drybag CS: Packsacks with Exped’s proprietary window fabric for more insight
  • Cargo Drybag: The padded storage system for instant overview of contents
  • SynMat: What DownMat does for expeditions, SynMat does for less extreme adventures: it is as comfortable, light and compact, not as warm but well priced
  • The new tent Vega bridges Superlightweight and Comfort by use of a new hybrid A-Frame-structure
  • Brand new are the static Dyneema guylines and the adjustable tent ground loops
  • introduce “Polaris“ - a single wall, expedition grade tent with a new ‘short-ridge-tunnel‘ tent structure (freestanding tent and vestibule design with optimized space but minimized weight)
  • effortless mat inflation with new foot pump
  • pumptubes and shrink bag
  • create and introduce zipperless rainfly tents (Vela I / II)
  • leakproof, tunnel seam for silicone fabrics (Bivy-Poncho Extreme)
  • Shrink Bags
  • solar rechargable, pocket LED (Skylight)
  • Cord Stuffsack
  • Snow and Sand Anchor
  • color coded, reflective zipper pulls
  • Waterproof Compression BagsTension lock
  • VBL Socks
  • now shovel carry-bag
  • Avalanche Probe
  • DownMat: highly acclaimed down-filled air mattress (3x the Warmth and Comfort of any mat of similar weight)
  • ComfortfoamMat that blends air comfort with foam insulation
  • “tent-tension foot“; revolutionary tent design with “flat pole sleeves“
  • “packcover poncho“
  • tarps with “elastic hemming“ and “guy line pockets“
  • compact, ‘Backcountry‘ 4-section trekking pole
  • new multi-use tarp “Tipi-Tarp“ (complements “Tarp Tent“)
  • tropical weather tent “Southern Cross“
  • supported vent windows with repair poles
  • the perfect Snowsaw
  • world‘s first, truly waterproof sleeping bags, the “WB down bags“ : welded, not sewn; “condensation-proof accents“
  • expedition style construction in family tent designs (Big Bear)
  • new tent construction “short ridgeline, tunnel tent“ (Venus)
  • perfecting the very versatile „Bivy-Poncho“
  • “wearable sleeping bag“
  • “shingle-block-construction“ in synthetic bags
  • Introduction of new construction with “ridge tunnel tent“ (Orion) and “ridge double cross tent“ (Vega)
  • Mosquitonet-protection-storagebags for sleepingbags