We process repairs with a professional team in our own workshops. The feedback gained is a valuable source of information for improvements and innovation - and for long-lasting products.

The procedure:

  • Send or bring in your damaged product cleaned and with proof of purchase to your retailer. Should you lack proof of purchase, we will decide upon warranty based on the date of manufacture (LOT number).

  • Your retailer will make an initial assessment and take necessary action.

  • If the product is repaired/replaced by our service center, the turnaround time will be approx. 7 - 14 working days depending on season.

  • Your retailer will contact you when your product is ready for pick up or will be returned to you. 

  • By the way, if your product is in need of repair, don't wait till you plan to use it next, bring it by immediately for repair.


All Exped products come with a 5-year warranty on materials and workmanship.