Curious about the new additions to our mat range? There's a full set of tapered mats. These are the worlds lightest mats when compared to their warmth and comfort! And they pack extremely small.


Thier tapered shape with straight sides allows them to fit side by side in the smallest of tents either head to head or foot to head.





At 350 g (size M) it's the lightest of the three new tapered mats. An the most compact when packed! We recommend them for use down to -6˚C (certified R-Value 3.3). Construction wise the insulating micro-fibre filling is laminated to both top and bottom sides of the mat for lasting loft.


Available in 3 sizes, for in-depth information:

> SynMat Hyperlite M

> SynMat Hyperlite MW

> SynMat Hyperlite LW


SYNMAT Winterlite 

This one weighs 405 g (size M), slightly more as it contains additional micro-fibre filling making it perfect for colder nights out down to -17˚C (certified R-Value 4.9). 

Available in 3 sizes, for in-depth information:

> SynMat Winterlite M

> SynMat Winterlite MW

> SynMat Winterlite LW



This one beats the above mentioned mats in temperature rating by a mile (-32˚C, certified R-Value 7). Not surprising as they come filled with finest 700 fill goose down. So hit the snow as the light 475 g won't weigh you down.

Available in 3 sizes, for in-depth information:

> DownMat Winterlite M

> DownMat Winterlite MW

> DownMat Winterlite LW