Not long ago, the EXPED USA crew had the rare pleasure of getting out in the wild with several of our Taiwanese friends, Cindy and Penny.

These folks have been critical to the success of EXPED and are part of the team that builds our sleeping mats. It’s been a remarkable, nearly 20-year relationship during which our combined forces have changed the way people sleep on adventures around the globe. Many, many innovations are the direct result of this collaboration, producing designs that have been mimicked by many outdoor brands. So when the opportunity for adventure presented itself, everyone jumped on it. We kayaked to one of our favorite close-in Pacific Northwest island destinations - Saddlebag Island. It sits on the edge of the famous San Juan Islands in western Washington and has been a go-to get-away for decades. And although it was only a weekend trip, we packed in some big memories. 

We wanted to make sure everyone was well fed, so Nick, EXPED USA sales guy, supported the trip with his runabout. We brought the Dutch ovens, two-burner stoves, extra snacks and the fixings for a giant breakfast cooked over the fire. And to make things even better, our good friend Gina volunteered her considerable outdoor cooking talents, making the non-stop eating experience simply unbeatable. 

As our hashtags often proclaim, we want our customers to thrive, not merely survive (#thrivenotsurvive), so we feel compelled to be a good example!