The EXPED Guide to Couples' Ultralight Backpacking

If you are like most outdoor couples, you hit the trail on Friday night or maybe even Saturday morning. You have a summit in mind or possibly a pristine and secluded alpine lake. Unfortunately, gaining that summit or finding the solitude at that lake might be 10 miles in and then back out with heavy gear in your packs. Your limited schedule to get outside, makes the hike grueling, but you just have to go.

Fortunately, we have your back and will keep your pack light with a selection of ultralight gear perfect for adventurous couples. A full tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, backpacks, and sleeping accessories are ready to make their way in to your closet and out on the trail for your next adventure.

To start your packing journey, we provide you with our ultralight and spacious Mira II HL tent. This freestanding beauty offers shoulder and head room for two to sit up at the same time! Providing you both the warmth, luxury, and space to prepare for your 4am alpine start.

Inside, you outfit the tent with our award winning SynMat Hyperlite Duo. This 3 season, 2 person mat weighs less than 2lbs (28 ounces!) and utilizes separate air chambers for each person to eliminate the gap and allow you both dial in your perfect comfort. On top of your mat, the DeepSleep Duo 400 sleeping bag is the perfect bag for your summer alpine adventures. Coupled with the Hyperlite Duo mat, you and your partner get the advantage of body heat to raise the internal temperature of your sleeping bag so you are both warm all night long.


Weight in Ounces

Mira II HL


SynMat HL Duo


DeepSleep Duo 400 M


HyperLite Duo Sheet


AirPillow UL M


DownPillow M


Lightning 45


Black Ice 45




As always, no bed is complete without a sheet and pillows. If you are okay with the few extra ounces, you can splurge for our Hyperlite Duo fitted sheet to keep your mat free of dirt and grime from the days hike. Pillows, the choice is yours. Do you want the AirPillow UL for ultimate weight savings or the plush DownPillow for ultra-comfort? The choice comes down to weight and pack size, but in my opinion, do an extra set of lunges at the gym each week and splurge for the DownPillow.

Finally, how do you carry all this ultralight gear? You pack it in the Lightning 45. Need something more technical or perhaps waterproof? We got you covered there as well with the new Black Ice 30/45L climbing pack. This technical roll top alpine oriented pack is made of burly 420D ripstop nylon and is perfect the couple that likes to get vertical on their weekend outings.

So there you have it, a super light set up for the adventurous couple. The Mira II HL, SynMat Hyperlite Duo, and DeepSleep 400 (medium) come in to a base weight of only 6.8lbs, less than two growlers full of your favorite craft beer.

- NIck Swan, Exped USA