At the very end of a trip, when all the gear is drying in the sun, we get to reflect on how it all worked - what to bring next time, what to leave behind. Here are a few notes about the Exped gear used on this 4-day solo kayak trip: 

  • Tempest Duffle 100 - Excellent for carrying gear from a low tide take-out to camp. Also great for storing gear around camp in the rain. When not in use it folds and rolls into a small package. 
  • Tempest Duffle 140 - On this trip, the monster140 liter duffle was used to load the car and, at the end of the trip, separate wet gear from everything else (and zip away that nasty wet gear stench on the drive home)
  • Shrink Bag Pro 2 - This small, tough, waterproof bag was used on this trip as a "ditch bag" and was stowed in the pouch on the back of the PFD. First aid, emergency tarp, food, etc.
  • Shrink Bag Pro 5 & 15 - Dry storage for extra clothing and other gear. Tough, 210 denier fabric for resistence to the abrasion when jamming them into compartments
  • Travel Hammock - after all those miles paddling in the wind and current a nap in a hammock is flat-out restorative
  • DownMat UL - See that narrow, pointy stern? Well, the DownMat UL stuffs nicely into that tight crevice and slides right past the skeg box. It's light, compact, super comfortable (7cm thick) and super insulative (R-value = 5.9!). With the power of down as an insulator there will never be a night where the earth steals your hard-won heat. 
  • Schnozzel Pumpbag - with only 2 or 3 bagfulls of air, the DownMat UL was inflated without the addition of moisture associated with lung inflation
  • DreamWalker 650 sleeping bag - It's hard to justify bringing all the great insluation in a sleeping bag and only using it for sleeping. The DreamWalker bags allow the bag to be worn as a parka around camp in the evening and morning. Also, on warmer nights the bag can be opened into a blanket with the help of the central zipper. 
  • Venus II - An excellent balance between full blown 4-season strength/stability and lightweight/small packed size. This is a 2-person tent with a door and vestibule for each occupant that sets up fast. No problem in the wind and rain!

Pretty sure none of these will be left home next weekend...