Sleep together! Here at EXPED we have solutions designed specifically for bringing this important and pleasurable part of the at-home sleep experience into the outdoors. That, right there, is the goal of our sleep gear: making the at-home sleep experience mobile and including a sleep partner. 
Of course, two individual sleeping bags will zip together and Exped bags do this well. But if we are really going to bring the at-home, couples' sleeping experience with us into the outdoors, something more is necessary; products designed specifically for sleeping together and sleeping well - anywhere!
The foundation of this approach to outdoor sleeping is a two-person sleeping mat, what EXPED calls a duo mat. Like two individual sleeping bags, two sleeping mats can be “coupled,” but that creates an open seam right down the middle - not ideal (although we make a Universal Mat Coupler). A better solution is to sleep on a duo mat, which is how we all sleep at home. EXPED Duo mats are available in a variety of sizes, weights and degrees of insulation, depending on conditions and usage. Winter? You bet! Warm days of summer - yep!
Two-person solutions for over-the-top insulation consist of either quilts or double sleeping bags. Quilts are very efficient from a weight and packability standpoint and, when used in tandem with comfortable next-to-skin mat sheets, they are brilliant. EXPED’s double sleeping bag is the MegaSleep Duo and it has the advantage of converting into two blankets or two individual sleeping bags - 4-in-1, ready for anything. 
Finally, never, ever forget a pillow. We like to say it’s the missing link in the quest for good sleep in the outdoors. Nobody would sleep at home without a favorite pillow; it’s an indispensable part of a good night’s sleep! EXPED offers perhaps the most extensive collection of pillows for adventure sleeping anywhere. Lightweight, firm, soft, ergonomic, plush, etc. Something for everyone. 
So for Sleep Together Month we encourage everyone to plan ahead for camping season and get set up with a duo sleep system. Your partner will be happy and that’s the key to a good journey!
Below are just a few of our popular sleep-together products for a variety of trips: 
Car camping/Overlanding/Trailhead hotel for two - full, unapologetic luxury
Car camping/Overlanding/Trailhead hotel for two - compact luxury
Human-powered adventures of all kinds: extremely lightweight and compact