A special early run of the new Camp Slipper is now available from specialty outdoor shops. 



Exped normally introduces its new products in early March, but these are so nice that we ordered a special early batch, in red/orange, for this winter. They are so fresh from the factory that they aren't even on our website yet! So here are the specs: 

> Slip-proof sole 

> Synthetic upper insulation - quick drying and warm

> Foam footbed - cushioning and insulation 

> Super compact and lightweight slipper style design

Size          US Shoe Size          Foot Length          Average Weight

S                     5 - 7                       9 7/8"                  3.5 oz

M                    7 - 10                     11"                       5.9 oz

L                    11 - 13                    12 1/4"                7.4 oz

Camp Slippers are designed for use in a a tent or shuffling around a wildnerness hut after a long day in ski or mountaineering boots. They are are warm enough for winter camping trips and dry quickly should the snow be a bit wet. But make no mistake about it, these are great slippers for shuffling your way to the kitchen at home for that first cup of coffee every day of the week, right on through the winter. 

In March, two additional colors will be available: green and grey