There's no questions about it - time together in the outdoors strengthens our company and inspires innovation in the gear we use. 


The Exped USA offices are located just south of Seattle, WA. Outside the office doors, just a few feet away, there's a river and a bike trail, trees and grass. That's all great, but it's still an urban setting; it's practical and necessary that the business be run in this setting. But as an outdoor company populated by outdoor-minded people, we feel the need to escape the city and spend time together in a more natural setting. 

It makes a significant difference. Our products are directly influenced by these "real world" experiences, as are the teams of people who create and sell them. It's a seemingly simple thing - get the company outside, beyond the confines of the walls of the office and away from computers. Get dirt on the gear and get a feel for how it's designed to work. Be inspired by the sunset and the wind, clouds and wildlife. But it's never that simple. Weekends are precious family time for all of us and weekdays demand that we be present when the business needs us. So it requires a great deal of escape velocity to break free of the strong gravitational pull of email, shipping, receiving, sales meetings, trade shows, websites and the myriad responsibilities of our everyday lives. These trips are things to cherish and always return more energy than they consume. With each passing outing we seem to achieve a slightly elevated orbit, and it shows in the details of our gear. 

Until next time!