Overland Journal recently revisited their assessment of the MegaMat Duo and the results are in: still king!


Below is a short excerpt from the article. For the full story, click here


Let’s start with the obvious, the Megamat is seriously comfortable. It has vertical sidewalls that provide an edge-to-edge sleeping surface, a tricot top that is soft yet durable, and 3.9 inches of open-cell foam with adjustable air pressure—it’s basically the Sleep Number bed of camping. But here’s the thing, you would know all of that by reading nearly any review of this pad online, so there’s no need for me to waste your time waxing poetic about its comfort. Instead, I’m going to dive into some of the specific features of this pad and what makes it different from the competition, starting with one of the Megamat’s biggest benefits for overlanders, insulation.

As mentioned, the Exped carries an R-value of 9.5, which is one of the highest we’ve ever tested...That’s a big deal when you’re sleeping in a vehicle with a metal floor and free-flowing air between you and the ground. During testing, I found that the Megamat’s open-cell foam was able to ward off the cold even when temperatures dropped well into the teens, while also staying cool on warm days.