We always say that it's important to use the gear we sell. There is simply no substitute for out-in-the-wild knowledge. 

So that's why, when the long awaited dump of snow arrived (we've been experiencing a low snow season so far here in the Cascades), we had to fire up a company "adventure day" and get up to the hills. These adventure days have many advantages: we use the gear we make, spend time together outside the office, do what our customers are doing (we saw a bunch of them on the hill) and just plain have fun - which is why we all work in the outdoor industry in the first place. 

This outing gave us yet another chance to use the new Glissade 25 & 35 packs. These are already available in Europe and selling well, but won't be available in the USA until the middle of March. We also used our trekking poles, which really is a year-round item for us. Lift skiing, backcountry skiing, hiking, backpacking, mountaineering - even certain trail running situations. 

It was a great day and it sounds like the crew will be meeting up on the weekend for some more!