Our Exped sleep system for two people easily fit into the trunk bag of one bike. This gave us a great deal of freedom and saved us a couple times when hotels and hostels were completely full. 


The gear included the Mira II HL tent (46 oz/1304g), SynMat HL Duo sleeping mat medium(28 oz/794g), Mat Sheet Hyper Duo medium (8.6 oz/244g), Versa Quilt Duo - coming in March 2018 (37.4oz/1060g). Total weight = 3402g/7.5 lbs. And it all fit into the Brompton Rear Rack Bag with a little room to spare. And in camp, everything was tucked into the inner tent or stowed in the vestibules of the Mira II HL. Easy and very secure. We were the lightest and most compact riders in camp!

[Please note: we were testing the new Versa Quilt Duo on this trip. It will be available in March of 2018]