Coming in March, the new SynMat HyperLite Duo is a one-of-a-kind sleeping mat. 

So, to start with we need to apologize. You see, this new and unique mat is so cool we can't keep it to ourselves any longer, but it's not quite available (blush). It's coming soon though - our retail partners will have it in stock in early March (maybe even a tad bit earlier). 

It's an award winning mat. Last summer it received an award from the European OutDoor trade show, recognized for it's innovation and game changing nature. We say "game changer" because it allows couples to sleep in at-home comfort with no gap between at a weight and packed size considerably reduced over single person mats from not too many years ago. Total weight of this guy is 28 ounces and the packed size is an amazing 7 x 5 inches! 

We've been using this mat for many months. Nick and his wife even took it to Patagonia for 3 weeks in December! It's been with us on coastal BC paddling trips and a climb of Mt. Olympus in Olympic National Park as well as several other adventures. 

There's a nuance to this mat that's worth touching on. It fills a 2-person tent wall-to-wall and that makes a difference in your sleep experience. It feels so much more like your bed at home - somehow more than the sum of its parts. 

Another cool detail is that each sleeper has their own separate chamber to sleep on - the mat is divided. This means that you can have your own firmness, independantly from your partner. Also, this means that if your partner is moving around or gets off the mat there is no effect on your side of the mat. 

In the USA the price will be $279.00. 

Please note that our website is in the process of being converted to 2016, so this mat isn't yet on the site. In mid-February we will switch the site to the 2016 assortment. 

So there you go - a sneek peek at perhaps our most exciting new peice of gear for 2016! SynMat HyperLite Duo. 

Stay tuned to this EXPED station!