Here's a testimonial from our YouTube channel about the new SynMat 12: 

"I just bought this mat. I have owned the Exped MegaMat for about a year and half now. Although the MegaMat offers true 'bed like' comfort, it's just way too bulky (and heavy) to consider for backpacking. This mat allows me to, essentially, take the MegaMat on backpacking trips. I couldn't be more stoked. Granted, this mat does not have the plush, open cell foam of the MegaMat but it is still ridiculously comfortable. I have owned 26" wide backpacking mats but I still feel like I am just 'laying' on them. This is the first backpacking mat that I can STRETCH OUT on. The surface area of this mat is huge and yet it rolls up into a reasonably compact size. I can stuff this into my [pack] and still have sufficient room for all of my other gear, three changes of clothes and enough room left over for food. At this point, I seriously cannot see myself ever going back to a conventional backpacking sleeping pad ever again."