In the NW corner of the USA is a unique mountain range, the Olympics. To an adventurer, perhaps the most interesting thing about these peaks is the contrast. Not far to the west is the Pacific Ocean, which pushes vast quantities of rainfall inland and helps to create a temperate rainforest. This is the wettest place in the lower 48 states and receives about 150 inches (380 cm) of rain annually. Above that, in the center of Olympic National Park, is a glaciated peak called Mt. Olympus. Although not particularly high (7,965 feet [2,428 m]), its remote position in the park make climbing it a little bit of work. And the potential for rain demands preparedness. So it's a varied challenge: long approach with a rainforest start, glaciated flanks and a rocky summit. 

Here at Exped USA we like to do adventures together and this one had been calling our names. Our group was made up of Nick, Cassie, Ted, Lisa and Kaj. We packed light and used some of our favorite Exped gear. The trip lasted four days and we got our money's worth! And as is so often the case in the mountains, we got to within a one-pitch rock climb of the summit and then the rain, sleet, wind and fog rolled in. The rock was wet and slippery and kept us from standing on the true summit, but we got the opportunity to exercise good judgement! Along the way we experienced wilderness, encountered wildlife, tested gear, walked a lot and had fun together. It's a beautiful place and well worth the effort.