Built to pair with EXPED's famous MegaMats, MegaSleep 25 and MegaSleep 40 are camping bags built with supple fabrics, plush insulation and versatiliy in mind. 


It's especially that versatility that has us excited about these sleeping bags. Each can be used as a comfortable single sleeping bag, one rated down to 25F and the other to 40F. So a one-person summer bag and another for early spring and fall. When unzipped all the way around the foot-end, a double-wide blanket is created, for one or two people. In blanket mode the fit is just right for use with MegaMat Duo. The next option is achieved by simply zipping the two blankets together, if you have one of each. Now it becomes a 2-person sleeping bag, double-wide. And if a 25 is zipped to a 40, the bag can be flipped over for warmer or cooler temperatures. See what we mean? Pretty slick and certainly versatile! Pretty tough to beat for any car camping, overlanding, rafting, canoeing or home use scenario. 

Here's a video describing all the details: