Cooler weather is here and with it the need for serious insulation under your sleeping bag.

What kept you warm during the spring and summer will most likely fall short on the cold, hard ground of winter. But Exped can help in a big way. We make the warmest sleeping mats available anywhere. So whether you need a mat for a winter climb of Mt. Rainier or snow camping outing on the frozen lakes of the Boundary Waters, there's an Exped mat that will do the trick. Here's a rundown of Exped's key winter mats, each with the capablitiy of handling winter's challenges: 


DownMat 7

With an R-value of 5.9, this mat has been our classic winter mat for over 15 years. The integrated pump assures there will be no need to inflate with lung power. 75 denier fabric increases the durability for extended trips. This mat is also an excellent all-season choice for cold sleepers. 


DownMat XP

9 cm thick and maintaining an off-the-charts R-value of 8.0, this mat was designed for the very coldest conditions on planet earth. It is inflated rapidly with the Schnozzel Pumpbag and remains the expedition choice. 


DownMat WinterLite

This is the warmest ultralight mat in the world, weighing in at just over 17 ounces in size medium yet still maintaining an R-value of 8.0. Tapered at the head, knees and foot and using 20 denier fabric, this one shaves both weight and bulk. This is the mat to take if pack weight simply must be at a minimum, such as on long, unsupported ski tours or winter climbs or ski mountaineering adventures. Sold with the Schnozzel Pumpbag for inflation. 


SynMat WinterLite

The lightest winter mat anywhere! 14 ounces in a size medium! With an R-value of 4.9 it is both affordable and an outstanding performer. Tapered design and 20 denier fabric combine to keep the weight and bulk to a minimum. This mat is also a great ultralight choice for cold sleepers in spring and summer. 9 cm thickness also makes this mat extremely comfortable in any terrain. Schnozzel Pumpbag recommended for inflation. 


DownMat TT

Exped's exclusive tube technology is designed for the most severe expeditions imaginable. Its multiple down filled tubes are independent and can be removed for repair or replacement in case of a leak. The independent shell provides enhanced comfort and durability. R-value of 8.0 and 9 cm of thickness and inflation with Schnozzel Pumpbag and Octopus pump adapter for simultaneous inflation of the chambers. 


These mats have all been proven in the coldest places humans visit here on earth - the highest and coldest peaks and arctic regions of both poles. No other mats come close to the warmth, durability, ease of inflation and comfort.