Blowing into your sleeping mat should be considered a last resort. Exped has a better way!

First in a series we're calling #EXPEDfavoritesOur crew are all outdoor enthusiasts and they get to play with a lot of gear. So what are their very favorite pieces of Exped gear and why? 

Generally when I think of big storms what comes to mind is swirling heavy snow, dark clouds and wind. Maybe it's the fact that I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and climb a lot in Alaska, but precipitation and moisture are an important part of a big storm in my mind's eye. 

Exped gear is once again showcased in the Backpacker Magazine annual Gear Guide. Above is the Black Ice 45

Here are a couple independent product reviews by The Wandering La Vignes. 

The EXPED Guide to Couples' Ultralight Backpacking

The combination of a waterproof shell and a high quality down liner make for an outstanding cold weather expedition booty - Down Booty WB

One mat for every outdoor sleep circumstance? Yes...