Here are a couple independent product reviews by The Wandering La Vignes. 

The EXPED Guide to Couples' Ultralight Backpacking

The combination of a waterproof shell and a high quality down liner make for an outstanding cold weather expedition booty - Down Booty WB

One mat for every outdoor sleep circumstance? Yes...

Only the most innovative and functional products are awarded the Editor's Choice, the highest distinction awarded by the Outdoor editors and one of the most coveted awards in the outdoor industry. This award goes to products that were introduced in the past year and went through the toughest lab and field test to become the absolute favorite gear of the Outdoor Editors. Each year hundreds of products are tested by this team of the worlds best outdoor gear experts. 

From car camping to hyper light, here are five models of two-person sleeping mats. 

We make three styles of cold weather camp booties. Here's a quick video comparing them.