Marco Fuchs in the mystical Töss valley (Switzerland). While out there he produced this atmospheric video.

Photo: David Birri

The start of the 7. X-Alps takes place on July 5th in Salzburg. The route leads over the length of the Alps via the Zugspitze, Matterhorn and the Mont Blanc to Monaco. The 33 best athletes from 18 nations will cover the 1038 km distance to the Mediterranean Sea in the air or by foot with their pack paragliding gear. One of which is Team SUI4 with Peter von Bergen.

A field report from Exped USA's Nick Swan: Thunder 70

The Cloudburst 15 and 25 packs are light enough to take anywhere. And they are waterproof!


In 2009 a team of British cavers explored a gigantic cave in the jungles of Vietnam: Hang Son Doong.


With shoulder season in full swing, we are reminded how versatile the Mountain Pro 30 is for use in the mountains and beyond.

Reduce to the max

The Core 25 doesn't offer much - that's exactly what makes it so desirable.

The Exped Lightning 45/60 packs are available in both women's and men's versions. Here are the key difference between the two: