It's time, right now, to get out on the trails. The season is short and there's no time to waste. Go. Now. 

Done in a day, quiver of one. This is how we like to view the Mountain Lite 20 (actually 22L) pack.

Designed for use in the outdoors, the Torrent 20 is perfect for wet weather day hikes. But why only use it on the trail? It’s a great day to day companion for your city travels too!

When I was a kid, I was intrigued by backpacks. The books about adventure that I read all seemed to feature the main characters slinging packs onto their backs and heading off into the wilderness, prepared for anything. 


Three new packs that are new to the USA in spring 2014. Left to right: Glissade 35, Core 25 and Mountain Pro 20. 

The Lightning series of packs (Lightning 45 & Lightning 60) are often thought of as backpacking packs. They certainly are outstanding for this application, no doubt about it. In fact, they were designed with backpacking and thru-hiking as the primary activities. But during the months and years of development (and since) it became clear that these packs would have much broader capabilities. 

All Exped packs come standard with the all-important cheese pocket. 


On a rainy day the Torrent packs will keep your gear completely dry. All that's required is a little motivation to step out the door and face the drizzle!

All Exped backpacks include these ingenious little strap tidies. No more straps flapping in the wind!