From logging and poaching to adventure and biocultural diversity tourism, West Sumatra

Exped is a member of the European Outdoor Conservation Association eoca, which supports valuable conservation work by raising funds from within the European Outdoor sector and promoting care and respect for wild places. 

Here is the job posting which went live earlier today:

Each year in June, EXPED USA brings together our entire sales team for a look into the next year. 

Micro adventures are an Exped USA regular activity and this one is the first of the season. 

Exped USA's customer service hero, Nick Swan, is a constant adventurer. Check out his blog at 9to5active.wordpress.com

Here's a video Nick produced to show his recent trip in the Grand Canyon. Of course, his group was using a lot of Exped gear!


The Exped USA team feels strongly about access to water trails in our local waters of the Seattle area. We grew up paddling these shores, raised our kids in and around these waters and our customers have done the same. So we support the organization that has made this possible: Washington Water Trails Association.