The gang here at Exped USA had a great year in 2014 so we thought we'd replay a few of our favorites. 

Exped Gift Guide: Under $100

Nick Swan is an Exped USA team member and a constant adventurer. Here's another installment of NICK'S PICKS, showcasing some of Nick's favorite gear. This time it's his holiday gift guide - under $50. 

Each year, in the fall, Exped distributors from around the world meet in Zurich for our innovations meeting. 

A great weekend  with this video by Gilles Sierro. Various Exped packs went along for the ride, including the new lightweight trekking pack "Thunder" that will be available in a store near you in March 2015 and is being tested now in late summer for its carrying comfort and skiing capabilities in the Valais. Gilles quote to the Thunder: "Le sac est très confortable!!"

The ExpedUSA crew took advantage of the last days of an extended summer in Seattle by doing another micro adventure.


ExpedUSA team member Nick and his wife Cassie recently spent several days exploring the Enchantments in the Cascade mountains of Washington.