Generally when I think of big storms what comes to mind is swirling heavy snow, dark clouds and wind. Maybe it's the fact that I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and climb a lot in Alaska, but precipitation and moisture are an important part of a big storm in my mind's eye. 

Graham Zimmerman leading the technical crux of the SW ridge of K6 W (photo credit Scott Bennett)

Graham Zimmerman: first ascents in the pakistani karakoram


With support from the National Geographic Global Exploration Fund and numerous sponsors, Martin Edström and his team mounted a successful expedition to Hang Son Doong in Vietnam in early 2015. The result was a next-generation digital reportage, covering large parts of the cave in 360° images and audio. This interactive and immersive experience lets you explore the cave for yourself.

In 2009 a team of British cavers explored a gigantic cave in the jungles of Vietnam: Hang Son Doong.

Exped brand ambassador, Graham Zimmerman, and his climbing partners were recently honored with a Mugs Stump Award. We are excited that Exped gear will go along with him!

The word "classic" gets thrown around quite a bit and it seems there are multiple definitions, so perhaps we should define just how we're using it here:

[of enduring interest, quality, or style]

With this in mind, we'd like to offer up what we believe are a few classic ski tours in North America. 

Seeking Adventure in Newfoundland