Kaj takes us on a video tour of the sleeping mat lineup in the USA for 2015. Classic mats mixed with new ones!

The new SynCellMat 5 uses a new air cell construction that delivers several benefits. 

Syncellmat 5

Made up of a matrix of small air cells (72 to be exact on size medium), the new SynCellMat 5 creates a cushy sleeping surface that snuggles you whole body.




At 30" wide and 4"+ in thickness, these mats represent Exped's fattest, widest and most luxurious sleeping mats. 

Above: for mats with a single valve for inflate and deflate

R-value: putting a number on warmth


When buying a sleeping mat, most people shop around a bit and compare the different brands and models available. Important points such as price, quality, comfort, ease of use, reliability, compressibility and warmth all enter into the equation. But it's that last one, warmth, that's a bit sticky. With all the other parameters it's pretty straightforward to compare mats. Price and quality go together and info about comfort, ease of use, reliability, and compressibility can all be culled from online reviews,  in-store poking and prodding, and manufacturer websites. But this warmth rating, R-value, isn't as easy to accurately verify across brands and deserves an explanation, so we thought we'd clarify a few points.