"In conclusion, I LOVE this bag and its versatility.  Beyond the features I got to use, it can unzip into an awesome blanket to use on warmer nights for yourself or to share with a companion.  You can sleep with your arms through the sleeves to easily adjust your pillow, read or if you are a side sleeper you can still use your arm pillow! You will be the center of attention for a few moments but just remember that you giggled a little too – before you thought about what a great idea it really is!"

"Staying true to its roots, the Glissade is all business and no frills." Or, as we like to say, refined to the basics!

In a discussion on the website TheBigOutside.com, the Mira II was recently used as an example of a tent that "crosses over nicely from summer to cooler autumn use (or milder Southern winters)." Here's a link to the article

We received an email from a customer the other day, sharing his experience with the Lightning 60 pack. Here's what he had to say: 

** Please note that the price in the USA is actually $135.00 for the pair. 

The DownMat XP 9 sleeping mat and Orion III tent were reviewed in the fall 2013 gear guide.