• A mat, a tarp, a sleeping bag - your camp is ready.

    Exped gear pictured: DownMat UL Winter, Scout Tarp Extreme, Winterlite -6°

    Photo: Exped, Jöriseen, Switzerland

  • It's a hot summer, look for cool place!

    Exped gear pictured: CHASM 40 - the most durable canyoning backpack available

    Photo: Thomas Fras

  • Obviously, here the Venus tent is the brightest star

    Photo: natur-welten.ch⠀

    Glacier Aletsch, Switzerland

  • There is a comfortable solution ...

    ... if you have to carry your household, bed and food for a long time: EXPEDITION pack 65, 80 or even 100 L! ⠀

    Photo: Annette Ster, Indian Himalaya

  • The sun can't always shine

    Happy campers with Exped's BIVY PONCHO - as functional as a Swiss Army Knife: full rain and wind protection and double as bivy bag or tarp.

  • Trekking in indian himalaya

    Mira III HL tent in pole position for a breathtaking view.⠀

    Photo: Annette Ster

  • Conquer your island, ...

    ... set up your tent, enjoy silence, admire nature, leave not traces.

    Exped gear pictured: Venus II Extreme tent⠀

    Photo @thomasoschwald⠀


  • Outdoor double bed

    Exped gear pictured: ⠀

    Hyperquilt Duo / AirMat HL Duo / Camp Booty / Down Sock / Waterproof Compression Bag / Traverse 35 pack

  • This pic says all about the beauty of camping

    Exped gear pictured: new sleeping bags LITE -5°, MIRA III HL tent.

    Photo @thomasoschwald

  • Spring, sun and flower power! ⠀

    Exped Gear pictured: Skyline 25 - hiking pack with a innovative and versatile back venting system.

  • Scout Tarp Extreme - incredibly easy to set up

    The tent alternative for minimalists. Versatile setup and endless applications. It can be set up tent style with trekking poles or suspended as a tarp between branches or trees.

  • Exped's new tent: Mars II Extreme

    The new Mars II Extreme is a free standing tunnel tent with steep side walls and dual vestibules. It features generous dimensions easily accommodating users over 1.90 m tall to sleep and sit in comfort.

  • can you think of a nicer place?

    Exped gear pictured: New LITE -5 Sleepingbags, Hiking backpacks TRAVERSE 45 and TRAVERSE 35

    Photo: Thomas Oschwald


  • Like flowers in the field

    The new Exped sleeping bags LITE -5C/+23F are full-featured 3-season bags with countless details and a comfortable fit. 

    Photo: Thomas Oschwald, Sardinia

  • New: Chasm 40

     The most durable canyoning backpack available

    Photo: Thomas Fras

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